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Reverse Mortgage / Financing Options for 55+

A reverse mortgage can help you enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed of or achieve the financial freedom you deserve while still owning your home and staying in it. At True Mortgage we have custom tailored options for our clients who are 55 or older. These options are designed to meet the unique financing and mortgage needs these individuals require, which are not always achievable through typical mortgages or home equity lines of credit.



Unlock up to 55% of your home’s equity while still maintaining full ownership 

You’ve worked hard your whole life and deserve to retire on your terms and in the home you love. Traditionally known as a reverse mortgage, we can help put together this financing option which will allow you to unlock up to 55 per cent of the equity in your home will maintaining full ownership of it. The money you unlock can be used for a number of things, such as: 

  • Paying off debt 
  • Generating income  
  • Investments 
  • Pay for medical or in-home care 
  • Providing a living inheritance for children or grandchildren 
  • Anything else that may arise 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this product, contact us today for more information.  


No regular payments and no effect on CPP/OAS/Pension or income tax brackets 

Some of the biggest benefits a reverse mortgage provides are the things it doesn’t do. You can choose to receive the unlocked equity in your home as either a lump sum or monthly/quarterly installments, with the money not affecting your CPP, OAS, pension, or income tax brackets. There are also no regular payments that you have to make like you would with a traditional mortgage. You can simply unlock up to 55 per cent of the equity in your home so you can use the cash as you see fit, without having to worry about negatively affecting any of the aforementioned things. 

You’ll never owe more than the fair market value of your home 

Our No Negative Equity Guarantee ensures no matter what happens, you’ll never owe more than the fair market value of your home. This allows you the peace of mind you need when considering whether a reverse mortgage is the right option for you and your family. With our custom-tailored approach and unmatched customer service, you can rest assured that True Mortgage will always have your best interests in mind and provide you with the best options given your unique circumstances.

Enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed of 

Whether you want to travel the world, enjoy the finest cuisine, or pass down an inheritance while still being around to see your children or grandchildren enjoy the fruits of your labour, a reverse mortgage allows you the financial freedom to live the retirement you’ve always dreamed of, while still maintaining full ownership of your home. You’ve worked hard all your life. Now is the time to enjoy it. For more information on how we can help you unlock up to 55 per cent of the equity in your home, contact True Mortgage today.

The True Mortgage process

1. Conversation 

We get to know one another in a friendly and non-committal manner to begin so I can understand your story. Once I know your story, I’ll know how I can best help you. 

2. Goals 

We discuss and figure out what it is you truly want to accomplish. Once we have your goals clearly outlined and defined, I can begin determining how we can best achieve them. 

3. Application 

You fill out an application and we’re officially working together. From here on out you can expect consistent communication, full transparency, and unmatched service.  

Need a mortgage or have a question? 

True Mortgage can help you secure a mortgage at a great rate. For more information on how we can help you get the home of your dreams, contact us by calling (403) 615-4343 or by filling out the form below to book your FREE consultation today. 

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