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How Much Does It Cost To Use A Mortgage Broker?

There is no cost in using a Mortgage Broker. Nearly 99% of clients will get the benefit of using a Mortgage Broker and not have to pay them a single penny.
The most common question I get is “How much do I have to pay you?”. The answer, “Nothing!”. 99% of clients can use a Mortgage Broker and not pay them a single cent. Once a Mortgage Broker has helped you find the right lender, the lender will then pay the Mortgage Broker a finder’s fee (or commission). 
In certain situations that require a specialized lending solution, such as, from a Private Lender, the broker may charge a client a “Broker Fee”. Broker Fees should always be disclosed up front and agreed upon by both the client and the Mortgage Broker.

Outside of the Big “banks”, clients cannot directly access the vast selection of the mortgage lenders available to them (i.e. Monoline Lenders, Alternative Lenders, and Private Lenders). And a lot of the time, those lenders can offer better rates than your bank! All these lenders work with brokers and this allows the broker to help find you, the client, the RIGHT solution. This saves you time and money! Time, so that you are not going from lender to lender trying to get the best solution. And money, because, chances are, the broker will help get you the most competitive rate available.

Getting help for free can be a hard thing to find. Luckily, with a Mortgage Broker, that’s exactly what you’ve found. A licensed Mortgage Broker like True Mortgage will help you
find the best solution at the best rate available, and all at no cost to you! By contacting True Mortgage and putting us to work for you, we will help save you time
by doing all the heavy lifting for you, save you money by finding the best solution and interest rate, and provide you the peace of mind knowing you are using a licensed

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